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Patient Testimonials

  • Awesome Job!
    By - Rodney E
  • Wonderful doctor! Very nice bedside manner.
    By - Janet O
  • Feeling great! Dr. Ali did a great job, I’ve recommended him to many.
    By - Keith J
  • He did a wonderful job… definitely increased my quality of life!
    By - Leonard B
  • I love Dr. Ali- I’ve recommended him to eight other patients where is my commission?
    By - Billie H
  • He saved my life! I can walk now!
    By - Wayne P
  • Feeling so much better!
    By - Timothy F
  • Got my life back!
    By - Gary P
  • Dr. Ali is top shelf as well as the entire Rezin staff. Too many to list but in in particular: Debbie, Tiffany, Christy and Lukas. Thank you so much.
    By - Thomas L
  • Wonderful doctor and great man. I can trust him with my life.
    By - Joyce A
  • If he were Catholic, I would canonize him. He’s been great and did a great job.
    By - Alice K
  • Total success! He saved my life!
    By - Anna B
  • He put me back for the third time. Wonderful Job!
    By - Patricia H
  • He did a wonderful job. Wonderful doctor!
    By - Keith G
  • He’s the best…No doubt about it! Fantastic work!
    By - Carol G
  • I’ve been in pain for so long. After Dr. Ali fixed me, I’ve been in painless bliss. He gave me my life back.
    By - Paula R
  • For me, he’s the next best thing after God. He did a great job!
    By - Charles L
  • I hear about Dr. Ali’s wizardry from other patients, so I went to hi, and he worked his magic on me.
    By - Charles O
  • I should’nt be sharing this with anyone. I don’t want my hero to get so busy that I have to be put on a wait list! These doctors are so kind and really show that they do care. They hunt and search for the reason you are hurting until they find it. AWESOME !!! I am in love !!!
    By - Phyllis J
    05-Jan-2020 10:54 PM
  • Dr. Ali performed a 3 Level Laminectomy on Dec. 12th 2018. I can't express how greatful I am for his advice, expertise and compassion he's shown for me. Dr. Ali's office staff as well as the Morris Hospital staff who've cared for me have been amazing. This group of medical professionals also treated my husband and daughter with the utmost respect, explained my surgery and postop instructions clearly. Thank you so much Dr. Ali

    Google Review
    By - Meghan H
    05-Jan-2020 10:49 PM

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